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Mexil Software Solution provides a Stock/ Inventory Management System with Point of Sales for Shop/Agencies/Organizations.

Management products for a Great User Experience

The Stock/Inventory Management System gives free rein to your growth potential with us at MEXIL Software Solution! Track every stock movement from purchase to warehouses to the sales order. Moreover, have in hand downstream and upstream from anywhere in the supply chain.


Employees' Management

Our solution service offers profile management of workers, salesmen, billers, and employees. You can manage their work, work routes, and salary details. The right software solution can deal with all these complicated systems and can streamline your system.

Manage Inventory, Stock In, and Stock Out

A fully integrated management system is here to boost your business leads. The software will assist you in keenly managing stock In and stock out stats to keep the balance. Stock management offers the right inventory, at the right place, at the right time with proper levels, and reasonable cost!

Customer Management

Our professionals have a fully automated system to deal with customers to save time. Just apply the designed template and send quotations to the clients and have a great deal. It will help you sell more professionally and effectively!

Manage Finances

In our inventory management module, we manage your business finances along with stock transfer and return. We help businesses having a safe stock inventory to deal with supplies to prevent stockout situations. You can depend on MEXIL for providing you with the best management system for the costs of shipping, import fees, duties and taxes, and storing expenses.


Do you want to develop a product with a passionate team that creates different management systems and is always ready to deliver quality work on-spot?

Real-Time Stats

Have access to the clean and complete business reports. It will help you make smart strategic decisions. We prepare twenty types of dynamic information reports for each business. This technique will help every business trace progress and downfalls very precisely.

Supplier management

It's not a difficult task to deal with suppliers with our inventory management system. Line up your purchasing workflow by getting help from our experts. To work with suppliers at greater efficiency, utilize our proper techniques and features to boost sales.

POS (Point of Sale) Module

Point of Sale (POS) module is a powerful solution designed to streamline retail environments. With the POS module, you have access to real-time reporting, a detailed financial overview, and inventory management.

Shop Module

Shop module has full functionality of the shopping cart. The shop design is quite simple, you can manage settings and slider images from the admin area. Update the sale status, add payments to the sale, and process the delivery/shipping with our software.

Sales and Purchase Management

We’ll help you improve your sales and purchase with purchasing and buying rules depending on logistic laws, stock levels, sales orders, and forecast manufacturing order. Make smart purchase decisions with the supplier price lists and product availability details provided by us.

Billers Management

You can sell/quote/invoice your customers with any biller, meaning you can have multiple companies/organizations and can assign any of these to your staff so that all of their sales will be under the assigned billing company.

Our Packages

We love to WOW our clients with the value they receive. We also like to be upfront about the investment wherever possible. Please understand the total investment depends on your requirements, so please get in touch for a tailored quote with no hidden fees or charges for unwanted features!



  • Minimal investment
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • Typically 1-5 screens
  • Custom design
  • Mockups NOT INCLUDED
  • Prototyping NOT INCLUDED
  • 1 Revision



  • Modest investment
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • Typically 1-9 screens
  • Custom Design
  • Mockups NOT INCLUDED
  • Prototyping NOT INCLUDED
  • 3 Revisions



  • Medium investment
  • High fidelity wireframes
  • Includes 10-15 Screens
  • Custom Design
  • Mockups INCLUDED
  • Prototyping INCLUDED
  • 5 Revisions