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Mexil Software Solution provides an eHospital Management System for Optimal Performance.

Management products for a Great User Experience

The Hospital Management System project proposal we offer is customizable, integrated, and comprehensive to manage all hospital operations exceptionally. Mexil Software Solution provides a user-friendly management system


Smart Hospital & Research Center

A smart hospital system has everything at one place. You will have access to the records of departments, patients, and doctors. It’s a virtual space and you can create unlimited number of user roles for staff members.

Live Consultation

One of the best module in smart hospital. Save your time to visit the hospital for consultation. Get online consultation from doctors and pay them via bank transfer or other means.

Finance- Income & Expense

The finance module manages several financial accounts for all purchases, payments, and expenses. Outpatient and inpatient receipts are directly imported into the module.

Operation Theatre

Getting notified about the test results. It gives you the access to the doctors to manage patient operation activities and operation records, track surgical operations, scheduling, and other surgery related details.


Do you want to develop a product with a passionate team that creates different management systems and always ready to deliver quality work on-spot?

In-patient and Outpatient Management

IOur hospital management system helps you manage patient information, demographics, date of admission, room allotment, consultant, specialist, diet, and other factors. Also, you have the access to all the required information on discharged and outpatients.

Calendar & To-Do List

The system allows you to track and manage all daily/monthly activities and create your task in to-do list. It has the record of schedules of doctors available on different days and hours. You can offer appointments according to patient’s feasibility a well.

Human Resource

Our smart hospital management software offers access to all the information related to staff members. You can manage the staff search, profile, attendance, payroll, leaves and more.

Blood Bank

In case of emergency poor management can risk lives. The smart hospital can easily manage blood group available blood stock, donor details and blood issue details. You can access the detail anytime and anywhere.

Inventory – Pharmacy

Hospital management system provides access to manage the assets, stocks, and other equipment efficiently. You can add details of the pharmacy in the panel. And manage medicine stock, bills, and payments.

Postal and Complaint Management

The complaint management system helps the hospital management analyze patient satisfaction and check the hospital management system. The module will help improve the quality of the services they provide.

Our Packages

We love to WOW our clients with the value they receive. We also like to be upfront about the investment wherever possible. Please understand the total investment depends on your requirements, so please get in touch for a tailored quote with no hidden fees or charges for unwanted features!



  • Minimal investment
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • Typically 1-5 screens
  • Custom design
  • Mockups NOT INCLUDED
  • Prototyping NOT INCLUDED
  • 1 Revision



  • Modest investment
  • Low fidelity wireframes
  • Typically 1-9 screens
  • Custom Design
  • Mockups NOT INCLUDED
  • Prototyping NOT INCLUDED
  • 3 Revisions



  • Medium investment
  • High fidelity wireframes
  • Includes 10-15 Screens
  • Custom Design
  • Mockups INCLUDED
  • Prototyping INCLUDED
  • 5 Revisions